Are you discontent?

Perhaps I can help.

There is no financial cost or obligation for you to receive anything from this site.

Perhaps my most fruitful suggestions are to be found in the drop-down menu under the “Recommended Reading” tab [above].  You’ll find there not only books but also where to find relevant, free, problem-solving information online.

Here’s the transcript of an interview I gave that the interviewer entitled “The 3 Minutes that Guarantee Success.”  The perspective provided may help you to put some distance between yourself and your problems.  (If you’d like one, an inexpensive CD of the hour long interview is also available there.)

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Here are some more suggestions:

A Short Report on Outside-the-Box Thinking

To receive a short special report entitled “9 No-Fail Ways to Improve Your Results Using Uncommon Sense” just send me an email at the address below with the words “free report” in its subject line.

As soon as I receive your email, I’ll send it to you as a PDF attachment. (Although you will probably receive it within 24 hours, since I occasionally take week-long breaks from being online, please allow ten days to receive it.)

2 Months of Coaching

I seriously cannot imagine living without a daily breathing practice.  Nothing is better for stress relief than learning how to control your thoughts.

If you do not already have a practice, or the one you have is not working well, I encourage you to sample my coaching program at no risk or obligation.

It is a six month training program designed to get you from doing nothing to practicing for 30 minutes daily. Each month you will receive by mail a CD and a printed newsletter.

As long as my on-hand supplies last, you may have the first two months free at no cost or obligation.

To sign up, email me at dennis@ironoxworks.com with your name, email address, a North American mailing address, and request the first two months of the program.  I’ll personally mail them to you.  (If you are outside North America, simply send me an email explaining your situation and I’ll tell you how to obtain them.)

If you do nothing and don’t contact me, the newsletters and CD’s will automatically stop after two months.

[If you decide that you want the last four months of the program, just contact me again and I’ll get you signed up.]

Either way, my hope is that you will look back on it years years from now as a positive turning point in your life!


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