Are you discontent?

Perhaps I can help.  Furthermore, there is no financial cost or obligation for you to receive anything from this site.

It’s normal to be dissatisfied.

Only the wise (sages, saints) live without frequent dissatisfaction.  If you are acutely suffering, it’s best to get help from a qualified professional such as a competent psychiatrist or clinical psychologist to help you get yourself back to normalcy.  If you are normally dissatisfied and would like to live well, have you ever considered getting help from a consulting philosopher?  See ConsultingPhilosopher.com.

If you want to help yourself, I invite you to check out the drop-down menu under the “Recommended Reading” tab [above].  You’ll find there not only books but also where to find relevant, free, problem-solving information online.

Here’s the transcript of an interview I gave that the interviewer entitled “The 3 Minutes that Guarantee Success.”  The perspective provided may help you to put some distance between yourself and your problems.

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